IT Consulting,
Internet & Multimedia Consulting,
Webcasts & Productions since 1993.

•30+ years experience, I.T. Multimedia and Streaming Video.
•Narrated presentation honoring Dr Ambedkar’s legacy at Columbia and Toronto Universities in 1991.
•Technical Producer: First Live Webcast for band Limp Bizkit in Los Angeles(1999), LA Music Awards, Musical Artists at Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA.
•First-ever Yoga Expo and Yoga Championship (video production): 50,000 attendees 2003.
•Created website with glossary (Hindi/Sanskrit to English).
•Fifty+ Live Webcasts Oneness Mediations and multiple Live Zoom USA events for Monks of India.
•IT & Multimedia for largest Outdoor Advertising company in Los Angeles 1997-2020.

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